Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kenya's Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie Recognizes and Applauds KECOBAT’s work on Community Based Tourism

KECOBAT today received recognition and applause from Kenya’s East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Mrs Phyllis Kandie. On her official twitter handle, @Tourism_KE, the Cabinet Secretary appreciated the excellent work the organization has been doing to promote Community Based Tourism in Kenya.

She was impressed by the unrelenting work KECOBAT was doing to diversify tourism. In addition, CS wanted to know the response of Kenyans towards the development of Community Based Tourism in the country. KECOBAT responded that, according to their findings, Kenyans were very receptive and positive though the growth and development was often donor dependant. KECOBAT also mentioned that the defunct Tourism Trust Fund (TTF) played a major role and contributed phenomenally in the development of a number of Community Based Tourism Enterprises in Kenya.

On a following different tweet, Mrs. Kandie encouraged the organization to keep up the good work and urged them to continue informing Kenyans on ways to appreciate CBT and further educate them on benefits of CBT. She added that through this, the government, private sectors players would work together with an aim of enhancing livelihoods through tourism. This is what KECOBAT has stood for since it was launched in 2003.

The government is looking forward towards diversifying tourism in the wake of the tourism slump at the Kenyan coast due to the recent past insecurity attacks. Together with the Directorate of Tourism, KECOBAT has spearheaded the development of homestays one of the niche products that makes Community Tourism. Through its hard work, KECOBAT developed Criteria and Guidelines for Homestays in Kenya, a document that is currently owed by the government who went ahead to publish it for Homestays Operators.

In this year’s World Tourism Day Celebration, the organization has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism and other institutions in the tourism sector to celebrate the event on 27th of this month. This year’s WTD theme is ‘Tourism and Community Development.’

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