Tuesday, August 26, 2014


By: Lule G. S

Driving South through Kajiado County one of the biggest expanses of Massai-land, you do not only experience the breeze of the savannah but a conflict of modernization and conservation. The conflict aspect is not of intended for this short article because it all depends from where the sun is viewed and the images painted on the subject may be as varied as the doted acacias in this same county.

Baboon Guest House
As you proceed along, the horizon gives lee-way the adulating hills on asking I was gladly informed that those were the Namanga Hills. At a distance, one may think that there are no people as true to the flora in most African habitations. There is always a lot of settlements in and near the urban /social center. As we approach Bisil, I am informed that this is the area that feeds the Nairobi CBD with most of the meats we enjoy. It is all colorful; I mean the Maasai people know how to spread their wings and the display of the red and black shukas adorned with beautiful ornamentations.

Today is a market day and we have all people from different parts of Africa including me. It is here that we find our Host John who is the Coordinator of most of the Community Based Tourism Enterprises in this area of Namanga.

We are here to do needs assessment of the CBTEs and also chart a way in which we can work together. KECOBAT has always motivated and advocated for community benefits from the tourism business. This should not leave out any member of the community. Among the community groups met included but not limited Enarusa Conservation Group, Oldonyo Orok Trekkers, Oreteti Women’s Group and Osiligi Women Group.

For the next few days we shared the beauty of the people, food, the cool weather, aesthetics and of course the community needs in regards to KECOBAT operations with them.  We appreciate the Ministry of East Africa Affairs Department of Tourism which has partnered with us in these ventures and the journey is still on.

Community Meeting at Bissel with KECOBAT
and Ministry Officials Team
Community Meeting at Bissel with KECOBAT and
Ministry of Tourism Officials Team

KECOBAT and Ministry of Tourism Community
Meeting Beads Making Group
KECOBAT and Ministry of Tourism meeting Community
Meeting Beads Making Group

Part of the team enjoying meat prepared by the community. 

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