Tuesday, August 26, 2014


By: Godfrey Habumuremyi

I am naturally blessed with capacity of nurturing and nourishing all mankind, animals, insects and other creatures that requires anything for survival. I have garnered all I can to sustain man and ecosystem and I can offer a variety of activities. I Make people gain peace of mind through a relaxed interactions with me both at farms and other crop fields, making people reach their destination so fast with me giving opportunities to ride horses and donkeys and such incredible experiences at flower and tea farms in Naivasha and Kericho in Kenya. The dairy farms in Limuru, the Maasai cattle in Maasai land, the camels and goats in the Northern Kenya. All these have satisfied the curiosity of our visitors and many cannot wait coming back to witness such enriching experiences.

When you feel tired and you would wish to gain peace of mind, I have solution to that through my department of fish farming with my visitor entertainer…..Ornamental fish who offers massage as a bonus on top of fish as food and your research while at fish farms. I do not only attract visitors for curiosity and study purposes but also have ability to feed them while at any place of choice due to abundance in food production that am blessed with. I have established strong partnership with the stomach of all creatures particularly humans with memorandum of understanding come to void till their death. With all plant and animal produce from organic farms in various places I do not only sustain the life of all creatures but also ensure environmental sustainability.

Am stretching hands to collaborating with my fellow niche product “Homestays” where I pledge my abundant supply of various products to feed and satisfy any need of research and leisure while enjoying the beauty and well-designed topography of our mother land, Kenya. It is important to note that Kenya is one of the leading world producers of tea, coffee and cut flowers. Staying with our communities, therefore, gives you an opportunity to get empirical experience in agricultural production chain. With a focus to preserving our culture I will strongly be interconnected with my twin niche product “Culture and Heritage” so that we promote the uniqueness of our mother land.

It is among my areas of operation and environment where you will find proper Organic farming in practice and able to take visitors from all over the world to stay with various farming communities who carry out several agricultural activities within the community and these include fish farming (aqua culture), Horticulture, Floriculture, sericulture, livestock farming, coffee, tea, bee keeping, poultry, pig rearing, fruit farming, cloves and Coconut farming.  Farmers are also involved in maize farming and other food crops with a focus to livelihood transformation through food production and tourism industry.

My name is Agro-tourism, and I am proud to be one of niche products embraced by the government through the Ministry of Tourism of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism together with Kenya Community Based Tourism Network (KECOBAT) in high gears with major objective of enabling local and international visitors to experience the traditional and modern farming systems through diverse plant/ crop and animal species while ensuring the economy growth and livelihood transformation.

Conclusively, agro-tourism is a form of tourism which involves visitation to farms and participation in various farm activities in a sustainable manner for leisure, learning and mutual benefits to the host and the tourist (a definition adopted by Ministry of Tourism). Agro-tourism has tremendous opportunities of increasing farm incomes through sale of agricultural produce and increased number of visitors at the farm thus enhancing development of local communities.

In addition, developing agro-tourism as niche product gives rise to opportunities associated with homestays while generating other interlinked benefits to rural communities such as better environmental and cultural awareness, preservation of cultural heritage sites, and agro-biological diversity. Embracing agro-tourism as one of the catalysts towards community development, and enhanced perception of agro-tourism will be manifested as the local community will participate in activities as means and ownership to the tourism ventures thus increasing on their incomes and act as a bridge to the image of this product in the communities.

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