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Mijikenda Ecotourism Development Community Based Tourism Project...

Mijikenda Ecotourism is a Community Based Tourism Project in the Coast Region that has joined KECOBAT Network to sustainably focus on the future of Community Tourism development in Kenya.

The Mijikenda Community

The Mijikenda people are the dominant ethnic community in the coastal region of Kenya between the Kenyan border with Tanzania in the South and the Northern limit of Malindi District near the Tana River. This is a strip of over 300km with a varying width of between 50 and 60km.

In their oral traditions, the mijikenda, who include the Giriama, Digo, Duruma, Chonyi, Ribe, Rabai, Kambe, Kauma, Jibana, claim that they migrated from their original homeland of Sigwaya, thought to be in modern day southern Somalia, to settle at their present locations.

Singwaya is a name and idea that reveals ethnicity issues and the relationships the Swahili had with their neighbors and the distinction between town and hinterland.

These different groups entered the Kenya coast at about the same or different times and made settlements in the thick forest on strategic hilltops on the coastal range called Kayas.

From Singwaya each group brought and installed its main ritual symbol or talisman, its Fingo.

Mijikenda Ecotourism Activities

Some of the activities of Mijikenda Ecotourism include:- 

1. Historic places - (a) Dr Krapf memorial museum at Rabai (b) The Mijikenda Kayas (c) Mepoho site at Kaloleni (d) Remains of Jumba ruins and Gede


2. Acts of Nature - (a) Black stones at Chasimba, Chonyi (b) Nyari depretion sculpture at Sokoke (c) Barn owl caves at Kikambala

3. Social attractions - (a) Visit to a Rural open air market once a week at Baamba trading centre every Wednesday (b) Rabai cultural centre at Kaya Mudzimuvya (c) Mirimamine cultural centre at Junju, Kikambala (d) Maendeleo Cultural entertainment Centre at Mtwapa

First Package is THE FOOTSTEPS OF DR KRAPF. This covers the early history at the missionaries at Dr Krapf memorial museum and the Rabai cultural centre at Kaya Mudzimuvya which are closely found. The tour is a full day trip with lunch, which will be provided by Severin Sea Lodge, and cost US doller 110 per person minimum 8 guests.

Second package is MTWAPA VILLAGE TOUR. This is a half day village tour for those who will like to go out for a short time, and include:

1.      Familiarizing the guests with daily activities of the local community
2.      Visit to a Nursery school to give presents
3.      Cultural practices and entertainment at Maendeleo entertainment Centre.

Footsteps of Dr, Krapf

The Footsteps of Dr, Krapf is the premier guide to Mijikenda Community. It consists of Dr. Krapf Memorial Museum and the Rabai Cultural Village which is situsted at the heart of the Kaya forest where Dr. Krapf lived with the community for 2 years from 1844-1846 Rabai museum & Cultural village is situated about 25km North west of Mombasa off the Mombasa - Nairobi on Mazeras - Kaloleni road about an hour drive from Mombasa.

Our Village tour offer a real life experience dated back to the 18th Century away from all comfort of modern technology and enlightens visitors on various cultural practices that are performed to date

The Mijikenda Kaya elders have been the instrument of leadership before the advert of Christianity and Modern technology where there was no transport, no medical facilities, no security agencies and the community members managed to live for more than 70 years of age.

The valuable innovations by the Kaya elders which helped the community to combat this vital life challenges is what makes Kayas to be strong even today, welcome meet the Kaya elders and learn the inside of the innovations.

The valuable innovations by the Kaya elders which helped the community to combat this vital life challenges is what makes Kayas to be strong even today, welcome meet the Kaya elders and learn the inside of the innovations.

Witness a Mijikenda wedding ceremony as you learn and enjoy the cultural riches of the community. Encounter the rituals practiced on the eve of the wedding day to ensure smooth running of the event.

Our professional tour guides will take you on tour of the culture village and the museum. We prefer booking in advance through Tour travelling agent.

The guest relation on hotel bookings / entertainment or animation team.

Minimum 6 pax Departure 8:00 am - arrival back 1:00 pm.

Meet Samson Koi – the Community Leader

Meet Samson Koi is a tourist Resource and attraction planner who participated in the course of small scale tourism development organised by Coast Development Authority and facilitated by the centre for international cooperation (mashav) of the Government of Israel from 20th July to 6th August 2014 at Ocean Sports Hotel- Watamu, Malindi.

After the course, he did his research to identify tourism potential areas in Kilifi County and as a results came out with several places which now benefit the local community.

More Information, Please Contact:

P.O. BOX: 73-80114,MAZERAS
TEL: 0720 486 037 / 0726 879 890

TEL: 0717-195 914 / 0733 192 172

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