Sunday, August 31, 2014

KECOBAT Initiates Affiliate Programmes...

Nairobi, Kenya – Kenya Community Based Tourism Network (KECOBAT) a membership umbrella organization for CBT, has initiated affiliate programs.

KECOBAT promotes the development of Community Based Tourism Enterprises in the country by developing Homestays, Agro-tourism and Cultural Heritage.

On its official website the organization states its key objectives of acting as the voice of the locals involved in the tourism sector. With current travel being more experiential and leisure based, KECOBAT has become one of the leading institutions to promote these niche products in attempt to help the country diversify its tourism for wider consumption.

The institution spearheaded the development of homestays criteria, a document that is now owned by the government and is in force as guideline for homestays operators. Download the criteria here.

The homestays website that was developed by KECOBAT is a first time basic site to host and market homestays operators in Kenya. The site is, however, being restructured to allow online reservation for these homestay operators to guests.  

The websites promotes homestay accommodations to their customers, allowing their visitors and community members to explore the idea of staying in one of over 1,650 host-present accommodations currently in the database.

Homestays are an increasingly popular lodging option for consumers of all ages who want a more personalized, immersive and authentic travel experience. By connecting guests with hosts that share their interests and accommodations that fit their needs, KECOBAT has become the leading marketplace for host-present accommodations, a fast growing travel segment.

It is continuously seeking to partner and network with other international institutions with a need to integrate options to help maximize earning potential, ranging from direct tracked online links from a selection of banners and buttons right through to more seamless website solutions.

KECOBAT has put in place offers of highly competitive commission structures, allowing home owners to earn commissions on a cost-per-sale basis. The affiliate programs are currently free to join, no application or setup fees or ongoing costs. With the coming in the newly formed Tourism Regulatory Authority, and the government through the Directorate of Tourism, KECOBAT is looking forward to a successful and sustainable development of these programmes in Kenya.

The homestay market is a rapidly growing and exciting space. It has evolved well beyond its primarily educational origins, with a majority of guests travelling for leisure today. Business travel is up significantly as well, and the typical age of guests reflects these changes. There is currently significant growth in guests over the age of 29 in the past year as the appeal of a less expensive, personal and unique experience becomes clear.

KECOBAT is also significantly looking at creating experience in building and managing relationships to maximize sales and revenue opportunities both for the government and home owners.

We view partnerships as an integral way to showcase and promote these unique travel products. Therefore, the development of this program will bring in tour operators, guides, the locals, private sector players, government institutions and all other bodies that will make it a success.

Today’s visitors travel with the main aim of getting to engage in a more personal local experience with an end result of getting more value for their money.

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