Thursday, August 21, 2014

Community Based Tourism Concept in Kenya...

WHAT IS Community Based Tourism

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is tourism that takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account. It is managed and owned by the community, for the community, with the purpose of enabling visitors to increase their awareness and learn about the community and local ways of life.

Community Based Tourism programs are developed based around special elements of local lifestyle, culture, people and nature that community members feel proud of and choose to share with guests.

Guests have an opportunity to experience and learn about the community and the environment through fun, “hands-on” activities lead by local community guides. These include jungle trekking, traditional fishing, natural dying, learning to cook local dishes, etc.

Tourism services and activities are planned and managed by local people, working together in a “Community Based Tourism Group.” Tourism programs are especially designed to support community and environmental projects, to build local skills, and to distribute opportunities fairly.

Guests experience and learn about Kenyan people, their lives, cultures, and inter-relationships with the natural world. It is hoped that this will increase respect for local cultures and the environment among hosts and guests.

Through Community Based Tourism in Kenya, guests can…

Discover Kenya as the honored guests of local friends, spending time exploring the remote and beautiful villages of rural Kenya, and participating in local life.

Learn about Kenya’s unique cultures, meet local people and join daily activities.

Share the heart, soul and wealth of Kenya: hospitable people living in harmony with the wild animals, forest, rivers and beaches which sustain our families and communities.

Stay in a traditional home with a local family; eat delicious home cooked food, and share stories, smiles, life and laughter with your hosts. A concept of homestays in Kenya, contact KECOBAT for more information.

Trek with mountain tribe people through stunning emerald forests; listening to the wisdom of traditional legends under the cool shade of giant prehistoric trees.

Collect fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables from your hosts’ own orchard, before learning the family recipe for a mouth watering jungle curry or a local herbal remedy.

Float at peace in the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Lake Victoria, and many more lakes in Kenya or try your hand and cast a net with the friendly fisher folk of remote Lake Bogoria Island.

Choose a journey which builds a bridge of friendship, respect, support and understanding 

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