Monday, September 1, 2014


Dominica: The Honorable Minister for Tourism, Ian Douglas continues to advocate for community tourism as the way forward for the tourism industry in Dominica.
During his address to support the 2014/2015 budget, Minister Douglas emphasized that communities should take advantage of the Waitikubuli National Trail and use community tourism as a means of generating more jobs in rural Dominica.
Douglas also believes that a link between agriculture and tourism can be forged to foster growth and sustainability in both industries.
“We believe that the tourism industry can work side by side with the agriculture industry to revitalize and help sustain this industry. From statistics we know that a large percentage of the produce generated from the agriculture industry finds its way into the tourism industry from fish to fresh fruits to vegetables. In fact most of the tourists that come to Dominica that is the experience they enjoy the most.”
All this, he says will improve the overall visitor experience on the island while growing the economy.
In Kenya, KECOBAT, an umbrella membership organization for Community Based Tourism Enterprises has been at the forefront to promote the four niche products that fall under community based tourism. These are Homestays, Agro-tourism, Culture and Heritage. You can get more of these by visiting our website, homestays site and our blog page.

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KECOBAT is also the current custodian of Domestic Tourism Kenya page and group

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