Friday, September 5, 2014


Dear reader, KECOBAT always appreciates your feedback, criticism and general comment on how we deal with communities and the best way forward of making Kenya a first world destination in tourism.

Community tourism is always the best approach to diversify tourism and open up potential areas for tourism purposes across the nation.

One of the participants in one of the always ongoing sensitization programmes sent us a feedback and appreciated our efforts together with the Directorate of Tourism in promoting CBT.

Below is a copy of one of the unedited mails sent to KECOBAT:


I am happy and deeply informed, after attending the seminar organized by KECOBAT on Tourism and home stays.

I am thankful to KECOBAT through relevant ministry to come up with the idea of Home stay for several reasons: 
  1. This home stay program will make the world globe to be a village.
  2. Will help different people from diversified cultures be able to appreciate one another’s existence.
  3. Will help the local people be informed and educated to get out their cacoons.
  4. It will have economical uplifting as they receive from the tourists payments for their expenses.
  5. This is education to be appreciated and acquired
  6. There is quite a lot people will gain from each community. 

As for the seminar personally, I was enlightened of many things. The organization was excellent. The presentation of the material by various facilitators was wonderful and clear that nobody could sleep off during the seminar.

The food provided was very good. In short all was good and worthy participation Kindly set up another seminar and let us visit sites in western that could be of tourists attraction.


Canon Enoch Nandokha

enoch nandokha []

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