Tuesday, September 9, 2014


KECOBAT in partnership with a number of competent agencies in Kenya and in the region are working on modalities of developing a Cultural Tourism Product and Brand for the country. The brand essence to be christened ‘‘Cultural Kenya’’ will be structured on “Authentic, Original, Pristine, African Brand values

While the Brands Emotional Benefits should conjure long lasting fond memories, African hospitality and evolution connectivity that should not shy away from repositioning Kenya as the ‘‘The Cradle of Mankind’’. The Branding should dovetail to existing tourism branding initiatives for Brand synergy.

The Cultural Tourism and Brand will adopt a Community Based Tourism approach in which case the community owns the product and are thus directly be involved in product designing, packaging, pricing, marketing, guiding and cultural interpretation. 

The benefits accrued from the cultural enterprises will be shared through a structured benefit sharing mechanism that stimulates wider participation and value for money that enables tourists to embrace and immerse themselves into local people’s way of life, their values systems etc.

The overall objective of the programme is to develop and promote cultural excursions, designed and operated by local people in their natural environment and thus using culture as a vehicle for unlocking opportunities for the poor through tourism. 

Direct revenue streams will accrue to cultural enterprise coordinators, tour guides, food service providers, handcraft makers (majority are women groups and youth), story tellers, traditional dancers, farmers, traditional healers, blacksmith and home-stay service providers just to mention a few.

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