Friday, November 21, 2014


Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA) organized Getaway tourism fair at the Sarit Centre Tourism Expo on 31st October 2014, Sarit Centre tourism exhibition targets Kenya’s domestic market where local tourists visit various places especially at the coast for Christmas and New Year. The STTA seminar was attended by various stakeholders and students from Kenyatta University. Among other presentations including insurance for visitors to ensure their safety in various destinations, campaigns to protect the wildlife especially the elephants were to be harmonized in all talks, social forums such as twitter, Facebook and any possible ways. 

Judy Kepher Gona - STTA
KECOBAT was given platform to present on the Homestays in Kenya as one way possible strategy of offering affordable holiday options on stress free holiday planning. While presenting, the KECOBAT Executive Director, Ole Taiko Lemaiyan gave clear insights on homestays and its background highlighting its need to respond to the ever changing trends of visitors who wish to fully have empirical experiences by interacting with community members and explore more on our natural environment. He also pointed out the strategy to increase the number of beds targeted to accommodate the visitors both local and international visitors in different areas. 

Taiko Lemayian - KECOBAT ED 
Dr. Paula Kahumbu - Director - Wildlife Direct
Therefore, KECOBAT continues to build capacities of homestay operators through various trainings, mapping, profiling and marketing different operators in the country and it’s upon this background that it wishes to interact with various stakeholders to boost homestay operations in the country as one of the strategies to meet accommodation needs by various visitors both local and international. 

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